Jimay's Flea Market Inc

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Jimays Flea Market, Inc.
1766 Conklin Road   Conklin, NY 13748



Frequently Asked Questions

We are an outdoor market open every Sunday from May to November, regardless of the weather.
The price of setting up is $20.00 per spot. One spot is 24 ft long by 15 ft wide. Lengths and widths may vary in spots between the trees. Your vehicle stays with you. Some tables are available for rent @ $5.00 (15 ft. lengths).
If you plan on putting up a tarp, special instructions are required. Please ask the staff.   
Shoppers are charged $1.00 per vehicle.  Reservations are not required at this time. There are 350 spots available.
We open to vendors at 6:00 am. Vendors line up in a single row in the front parking lot. There are no rainchecks
 issued on Sunday, so choose your day carefully. No unloading vehicles in the walkways after 6 am.
There are over 200 spots currently reserved. These are the vendors you see entering prior to opening hours.
All spots on the field are labeled and the reserved spot vendors may enter early. Any reserved spots not occupied by
7 am will be filled without reimbursement.
You cannot sell food or drinks (excluding produce and grocery type items).

Firearms sales are prohibited.

Shopper vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the vendor area for pickups. Jimays provides for deliveries
of large, heavy or bulky items to your buyer
s vehicle at no charge. Please ask  for a golf cart delivery.
Everything you bring in, you must take home. This includes empty boxes, paper, unsold merchandise, etc. If you
are caught leaving anything on the field, you will be banned from the market. Keep your spot clean. Please pick up your cigarette butts, peach pits, etc.
We set you in a clean spot and we appreciate you leaving it the same way.
Please do not pack up before 2:00 pm. If you must leave early due to work schedule, etc. tell us at the gate.  
We will set you in an easily accessible exit spot. We are open until 3:00 pm.
Insurance law prohibits the building of any fires or use of grills.
Selling counterfeit merchandise is prohibited.
Upon receipt of your admittance fee, you agree to be responsible for any damage caused by you or your merchandise.
Your receipt card must be displayed in your windshield at all times.
Sorry - no dogs, bicyles, skateboards, etc. allowed on Sunday.
The staff is outside on Sunday and there is seldom anyone to answer the phone.
Concession stand opens at 7 am.
If you have any further questions you may speak to Linda at the concession stand, call (607)775-4039
or email at the above addy with flea market in the subject line.
ll find a clean and friendly flea market with a staff that strives to insure you a pleasant and profitable day.
On a nice day we expect 7000 to 9000 shoppers.